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It is widely known that cohort learning - where people who share the same level of experience learn from instructors and each other - is the most successful model for adult learning. That is why medical schools, law schools, and MBA programs (among many others) all employ this model. This model provides the opportunity for continuous learning and community building throughout an entire year.  This cohort will explore relevant topics at a strategic level, including, but not limited to: meaningful “focus on the patient” opportunities, programmatic assessments, commercial relationships, role and value of the industry medical function, challenges and opportunities of global harmonization, forecasting, role of field medical personnel, professional and third party relationships, etc.   

What does a Cohort Experience mean?

Building on the success of our Executive Cohort, we invite you to join us for our inaugural Senior Executive Medical Cohort, consisting of no more than 20 professionals, based on advanced-level medical discipline experience. The cohort will participate in one-day quarterly programs, lead by Lucy Rose, as well as on-going virtual engagement. The cohort will move through the year and programs together as an intact group, providing support and shared experiences throughout.

Who Should Participate?

The Senior Executive Medical Cohort is open to senior professionals with greater than 10 years experience in this area and who are at the Senior Director level or higher. Exceptions to cohort placement will be considered upon request based on experience, but is not guaranteed. We will work with applicants to ensure the most appropriate cohort placement.

Why Should You Participate in this Totally Unique Program?

This program is unique in our industry. The value to you and/or your colleagues is simply incalculable. Some of the many reasons to participate include:

  • A full year of value – four formal program meetings, developmental suggestions/support throughout the year, scheduled phone meetings, email interactions, and ongoing relationship-building opportunities

  • Opportunities to learn from cohort members’ experiences in a small, safe community

  • Cohort limited to 20 members to facilitate highly interactive discussions and personalized learning

  • Program meetings custom designed for cohort needs

  • Opportunities to interact with outside experts on topics selected by the cohort

  • Quarterly meetings allow for timely discussions of industry-specific developments

  • Potential to formally continue the cohort beyond the given year

  • Strict adherence to cohort rules that prohibit discussion of confidential or competitive information, creating a safe environment for openness