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Kate Lumpkin

A Leadership Paradigm: REJUVENATE!!

True leadership requires a kaleidoscope of skills, qualities, traits, and styles.  The styles certainly vary, and the necessary skills might be different as applied to unique situations and perspectives. But one truth remains constant for all leaders everywhere – great leaders require, and embrace, rejuvenation. 

This weekend, unplug!

I remember as a young district sales manager “sneaking” to the pay phone (yes, a pay phone!) while my husband was filling the car with gas. I just HAD to briefly call a sales representative to check on something that must have been “vitally important.” 

We were on vacation. I was wrong.

That call took my focus away from my family and kept me tethered to work. Even on vacation, I found it very challenging to unplug.

 However, at least in those days, there were no cell phones and no expectation that I find a pay phone every 15 minutes. Upon arrival at any destination, I was able to untether rather quickly. No one could find me. No one could bombard me with emails. Sleep, relaxation, challenging myself with different opportunities, playing with friends and family – these could take center stage. And I so deeply believe, truly make you a BETTER leader.

Fast forward to 2015. We have cell phones. We do not know how to put them down, even during family dinners. We are often expected to check in with work, or finish that last project, even while on vacation.  We are distracted with too much stimulation. This is not a sustainable reality.

Push back. Rejuvenate. Relax and change focus to be a BETTER leader. A tired, out of gas leader, is not an effective leader.

So, this weekend, unplug. Grill something with family and friends. Walk on the beach. Feel the sand. Hug folks you love. Experience a small town parade. Watch fireworks like a child. Look at the stars. Make ice cream. Remember what makes you, you. Remember what amazing attributes you bring to the leadership table – creativity, energy, enthusiasm, passion, zeal.

Enjoy yourself.

And, in the process, become a more effective and inspired leader.