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2016 : A Year of Transformation

Kate Lumpkin

As we enter 2016, we are all writing bucket lists, personal resolutions, and professional directives. We are acutely focused, during this small early January window, on the fact that every day is a new opportunity to reinvent. Instead of creating an abundance of disjoined lists, this year I’m purposefully focusing my professional journey on one word: transformation.

To transform something is to change it completely. To look at what has been and to use those insights to create what will become. In our case, the life science industry transformation imperative means to so radically change our thinking and executions that we not only move our companies and industry forward, but that we surpass all expectations for positively disrupting the entire health care ecosystem. We must lead with enlightenment and courage. We must be futurists, and we must reinvent.

I was honored last month by the magazine, Medical Marketing & Media, to be recognized as a Top 40 Healthcare Transformer for 2015. I am grateful to join this impressive group of “40 executives, investors, entrepreneurs, designers, and thinkers who are ushering the industry into its new technological golden era.” From creative pharmaceutical industry executives to entrepreneurial innovators, these 40 people are truly living the transformation mantra.

To that end, I’ve shared some of my 2016 business resolutions below. 

In addition to providing exceptional ad/promo regulatory expertise, I will advise individual companies, and the life sciences industry, to lead healthcaretransformation through: 

  • Facilitating authentic patient involvement, including through the use of innovative digital media, in ways that benefit healthcare and improve development/commercial focus and success.
  • Maximizing the drug development and commercialization processthrough a commitment to fully embracing and using the targeted product profile (TPP) early and throughout the development process, thereby: maximizing product outcomes with the patient, supporting reimbursement, minimizing compliance challenges, and generating commercial success.
  • Increasing communications quality levels in all aspects, supported by appropriate data, resulting in improved patient outcomes, increased commercial success, and enhanced enterprise compliance.
  • Maximizing the Due Diligence Process to more astutely and precisely assess potential return on investment.
  • Generating increased quality data in a more focused and targeted manner that consistently and accurately answer questions of patient benefit, payer expectations, and the overall healthcare system value.
  • Creating and sustaining a culture of compliance commitment in all aspects of the business, from drug development, to interactions with patients and healthcare providers, to commercial messaging, to safety transparency, etc.

There are many avenues for everyone to be a transformer. Whatever your discipline, whatever your position, you can envision and create meaningful change.  Join me this year in creating the most transformative 2016 possible, opening doors to your unprecedented professional success.

What are your transformative business resolutions for 2016?